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A New Direction


After a brief hiatus, I am back and excited to commit to my blog. The past few months have been overwhelmingly busy settling into my new full time job, traveling and managing my social life, but I finally feel as though I have adapted to my new lifestyle. When I first started this blog I could not choose just one subject to cover, I felt as though I had an endless amount of interests but lacked a passion. Since then I have grown as individual [cliché – I know] and come to realize that I overlooked what I am most zealous about. I am many things: a business graduate who hopes to excel in the world of marketing, a new technology geek, a literary fiend [if you consider reading chic lit literary], an exercise enthusiast, a foodie, and some might say a bit of a shopaholic [although I beg to differ]. But there is only one thing that can captivate me for endless hours, beauty products. In the past I was ashamed that my passion was something so superficial and girlie, but I realize it is much more than that. I am always among the first of my friends to try new beauty products and share my recommendations. To me, the next logical step is to share my experiences with a larger audience and provide my honest [and I mean brutally honest] reviews and recommendations. I am by no means a make-up artist or a hair stylist – I am just an everyday girl who tells it like it is.

Without further ado, I present to you: CoverFX: Powder FX Mineral Powder Foundation

I first discovered this Canadian made product when my everyday foundation [Bare Escentuals – bareMinerals matte] was unable to cover the redness of my skin. I had read amazing reviews promising a lightweight foundation that could hide even the nastiest of blemishes while still looking natural. I was a little skeptical as this really seemed too good to be true; however, I am a proud Canadian and felt I had to give this local product a try. The reviews did not lie. I have never had such flawless natural skin. I use the E20 in the winter and the E50 in the summer, but I highly recommend asking for assistance when choosing a colour – no one wants the dreaded orange face that poorly matched foundations create. Powder FX Mineral Power Foundation comes in a wide array of colours, both warm and cool, making it almost effortless to find a perfect match. The foundation comes with a sponge for application, which works like a charm, no make-up brush required. I have very dry skin pretty much all year round and typically shy away from anything powder, but this foundation is the only one that does not flake throughout the day, it even has a creamy texture on your skin when you apply it. I do recommend using a primer [I use Make Up For Ever HD Primer in Green] before applying this foundation just to make for an even canvas. The tidy compact case with a built in mirror makes it the perfect foundation for when you are out and about and need a quick touch up. This has been my go to foundation since I purchased it and I honestly cannot find a single negative aspect [except for the price coming in at almost $50 after tax, but you definitely get what you pay for though] to talk about. If you are looking to change up your make-up routine, I highly recommend giving Cover FX: Powder FX Mineral Powder Foundation a try, you won’t regret it!

Author: ellepottsie

I'm a five foot three recent commerce graduate and marketing enthusiast. Recently I've noticed that life is a little different when you're closer to the ground, but maybe that is just my perspective!

5 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I became an Avon rep a few months ago, and am having a blast with my “non-profit” business – that’s right, my purpose is to extend my discount to anyone else – right now it’s at 30% but I’m hoping to grow so that I can offer a 40% discount before the Christmas shopping begins in earnest. 😉 If you ever blog about an Avon product, I will be sure to pass on your recommendation to my customer base. Their jewelery is actually one of my favourite weaknesses!
    sending love your way,

  2. Avon’s “Mark” line is great fun – the gloss you mention actually retails for $7 but is only $4.90 with my current discount offer 😀

  3. hmm I wonder who got you on to C fx 😉 congrats girl I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Sarah – You fueled my beauty addiction from the beginning! We are a deadly duo! Just wait until I make it back to Toronto!

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