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The Wish List


Earlier this week I received another 10% discount at Sephora [to help fuel my beauty addiction], so I decided to peruse the website to pick out some new products! I am always amazing at how many different options we have when it comes to beauty. I always find it so hard to distinguish between what I need [kind of] and what I want. Below are my top 10 Wish List items [about half needs and half wants]!

#10 – Dior DiorShow 360 Mascara

To be quite honest, I will probably never buy this mascara. I cannot convince myself that having a motor in my mascara is necessary. I still find myself checking it out every time I see it though. I would love to try it to see if the spinning really makes a difference.

#9 – FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara


The only reason this product is near the bottom of my list is because I just bought Tarte’s Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara [review coming soon] last week so it is hard to justify buying another right away. Despite my reasoning, this mascara looks incredible with its patented [in Japan] wand design claiming to catch and curl ever single lash while adding length and volume. This product is only available in US Sephora stores but I wonder if I can order online?

#8 – Tarte for True Blood™ Limited-Edition LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Tint

I am among the few who do NOT enjoy this resurgence of vampire movies, books, and TV shows, however, I love the pale skin and dark red lips trend that it has brought with it. I am dying to try Tarte’s take on the Vampire red lip stain, I have read nothing but praise for this limited edition product.

#7 – Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Oil Free


You will never find me using anything but Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer, it is by far the best I have found. A little goes a long way and you are able to achieve full coverage for those problem areas while still looking natural. It only makes sense that my satisfaction with the concealer would push me towards this oil free tinted moisturizer. I find that near the end of summer my skin is at its best and I do not need as much coverage, this may be the perfect “foundation” to transition me into the Fall.

#6 – Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo

I love the Orgasm/Laguna colour combination that Nars is offering for a limited time. My favourite blush [which looks amazing on every skin tone] combined with a great bronzer is perfect for traveling or carrying in your purse. You never know when you will need to add a little glow!

# 5 – St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan For Body

I am always nervous to try self tanning, but since I am naturally pale it is something I like to try once in a while. This St. Tropez Gradual Tan is a lot less intimidating because the colour builds as you use it. This seems like it will make streaks and missed spots a lot easier to avoid.

#4 – Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

I have tried a couple different kinds of dry shampoo, but this is the first one I’ve seen that is meant to add volume as well as mask unclean hair. Not only does it meet the two criteria my hair needs [when I’ve gone one too many days of just “body showering”] but it is also invisible, unlike most dry shampoos that come out white and are extremely noticeable on dark hair. I must confess I “test” this dry shampoo pretty much every time I walk into Sephora!

 #3 – Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

 If the beautiful bottle isn’t enough to make you want to try this new Marc Jacobs perfume then the flirty and elegant scent will win you over. My skin does not react well to Marc Jacobs Lola perfume but Oh, Lola! keeps me coming back for more.

#2 – OPI Urban Ballerina Collection – Leotard Optional

 I love this colour! It is neutral but with a twist of shimmer. I usually am drawn to matte finishes but this feminine shade has me captivated.

#1 – Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub

 There is nothing better than having full, soft, shiny lips. Unfortunately my pout will never resemble Angelina Jolie’s, but at least I can check off the last two by using Philosophy’s Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub. I have had my eye on this lip treatment for months now. I love that you can feel the grains working to smooth and moisturize your lips!

And there you have it! I can’t wait to go shopping to restock my make-up bag – as if it isn’t already overflowing!

Author: ellepottsie

I'm a five foot three recent commerce graduate and marketing enthusiast. Recently I've noticed that life is a little different when you're closer to the ground, but maybe that is just my perspective!

3 thoughts on “The Wish List

  1. Laguna bronzer is maybe the best Nars product I’ve ever bought – it looks SO natural! Literally, I put in on a few Mondays ago and got a comment about how I must have spent a lot of time outside that weekend, and let me tell you, the people I work with are really good at spotting make-up. Like, stupid good.

  2. Have you tried Nars Orgasm blush yet? You will honestly never leave the house without that combo compact if you get it! I can’t wait to see you when you return from MTL – extra stylishly [is that a word] I’m sure!

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