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Anything But Falling Flat

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Like many other ladies, I am on a life-long quest to add volume to my too tame tresses. I have tried more than a handful of products to solve my hair issues, but most just [no pun intended] fall flat. Last week I decided I wanted to try Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream. As I was walking around Sephora looking for a sample [I have learned not to buy every product that claims to turn your hair into a Victoria’s Secret Model’s do] a helpful sales associate educated me on the effectiveness of “intelligent cells”. Apparently Living Proof has developed their entire line of Full products using intelligent cells which work together to create the best results. She explained this concept to me by saying that intelligent cells are used in the war to shoot bullets out of trap doors without human capital… Say what? If you’re scratching your head trying to figure this analogy out, you are in the same position as I was. From my limited experience, I believe intelligent cells are able to bond together and work with other cells more efficiently, I might be totally wrong though. Anyways, after my biology lesson, she gave me two sample of the Full Shampoo, two samples of the Full Condition, and a sample of the Full Thickening Cream.

The Full Thickening Cream was okay, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference on my hair, plus the sample only lasted me one use, so I immediate filled its place with Full Thickening Mousse [which I bought –travel sized – on my vacation]. I wanted to love this mousse with every fiber of my being, I am not sure why, however, the first two applications were disastrous. I used about a loonie sized amount – which grew to the size of a golf ball in my hand, and after blow drying my hair it looked like it had a bit more volume than usual. I was ecstatic! Within an hour it was a completely different story. My hair looked wet, unwashed, and flat. Not cool. I tried again, using slightly less product and still the results were disappointing.

This morning I decided to give the mousse one last try. After shampooing and conditioning with the Full products, I dispensed no more than a dime sized amount onto my hair. The results… Incredible! It is almost 3:00 and I got out of the shower at 7:45 this morning. My hair is shiny, clean looking, straight, and best of all, I have volume like I have never seen before [this isn’t saying much for me, but it is a major improvement]. Despite my uninspiring first few attempts with Living Proof’s Full Thickening Mousse, I am absolutely sold on this product. Not only does it work wonders on my fine, flat, straight hair; a little goes a VERY long way! I highly recommend this mousse, just remember to use about half the amount you would usually use – if not less! As for the intelligent cells, I am not convinced they are making any difference. I will have to try using the Full Thickening Mousse without the shampoo and condition and get back to you.

Author: ellepottsie

I'm a five foot three recent commerce graduate and marketing enthusiast. Recently I've noticed that life is a little different when you're closer to the ground, but maybe that is just my perspective!

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