A 5'3 Perspective

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A Gold Star from Anonymous

I work on the third floor of an office tower and every morning I face the elevator versus stairs dilemma. I know I should take the stairs because it is only a few floors, but I feel lazy in the morning and the elevator is just so much easier. For the past week I have been forcing myself to take the stairs, mostly to avoid dirty looks in the elevator, but also for a little extra exercise. Monday is always the toughest; I am tired and lazier than any other day of the week. This morning I convinced myself I could do it and thank goodness I did! This is what I saw written on the stairs! 

I must admit I felt great! I have no idea who wrote this positive message, but it was the gold star I needed! I am doing something good for myself and my body and that is great! It was such a wonderful start to my day and set the tone for a great week.

To whoever wrote that little piece of encouragement, thank you, you made my day and I won’t be taking the elevators ever again!