A 5'3 Perspective

Organization Is Incredibly Satisfying


I am now three days into my organizing challenge and I can honestly say that this is one of the most gratifying experiences I have had.

Day 2 – The Pantry

This is something I should have done many years ago. I found cans in the back that expired in 2008. Yikes. Hope you enjoy examining the contents of my cabinet.


This is what the kitchen looked like once I emptied the shelves. I had already moved the pile of expired items to the garbage. If you really want to know how this went down, picture me standing on the counter trying to fish things out of the back!

Organizing the pantry will help me save a lot of money in the future. I’ll stop buying things I already have because I can’t see them. We are stocked up on dry goods for the next few months. It is nice to have a mental (and photo) inventory of my groceries.

So here it is, the after shots. I actually managed to condense everything into the cupboard on the left and the lazy susan so I have a free corner cabinet for other things (not sure what).


Day 3 – The Tupperware Cabinet

Tupperware seems to multiply in my house. It’s like when I shut the doors the containers get busy and procreate – is that even possible?!?. Unfortunately, many of these containers are cracked, stained, or worst of all… smelly! The though of organizing this cupboard seemed daunting. I had no idea how I was going to tackle this one. It actually took me two tries. You’ll see what I mean.

Before:As you can see, nothing matches and these containers take up far too much space. I decided it would be best to move them into the corner cabinet I had emptied the day before to keep everything all in one place. I ended up putting all my tea and coffee in this cabinet, it seemed like a better fit.

So here is my first attempt. At this point I hadn’t realized how badly we needed new containers and I just tried to organize the old ones we had.

Now, this isn’t awful. But what is the point of organizing and cleaning if you don’t get rid of things that are past their prime… I didn’t want to spend too much money, but at the same time no one should be using containers that are older than they are.

I was able to find all the containers I could ever dream of at Walmart. I ended up spending $30 but I replaced everything. I think it is worth it.


Much better! What to do with the “leftovers”? I’ll be donating anything that is in decent usable condition and recycling everything else. Here is an idea of what my recycling room looked like after I got into it… Sorry neighbours.

So there you have it. My clean and organized kicthen – almost (fridge, freezer and drawers still need a lot of work)! If you have decided to join me on this organizing journey, make sure you CLEAN everything before you put it away, it is always better to start fresh. Good luck!

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