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Betsey Johnson It’s My Pink Scented Nail Polish Product Review

Here are two facts you should know about me:

1. I love Betsey Johnson – I am usually found sporting her dresses to any formal event I attend.

2. The words limited edition (or exclusive) when it comes to beauty products = instant purchase for me.

So you shouldn’t be surprised that I ran to Sephora when I heard about Betsey Johnson’s collaboration with Sephora and OPI –  limited edition scented nail colour.

It’s My Pink! - (opaque hot pink scented with Too Too Perfume)

I was more than intrigued as to how the “scented” part would work. After sniffing the bottle immediately after opening [ew] – I realized that it wouldn’t smell until it dried. Two base coats of OPI Nail Envy later, my nails were primed to smell like roses [or Too Too perfume]. This polish went on very smoothly and surprisingly opaque. I would have been able to use just one coat – but I couldn’t leave it at that, I’m not a single coat kind of gal. Once dry, the scent was very noticeable – in a pleasant way. It smells very floral. I wish I had taken the time to sniff Betsey’s Too Too perfume before writing this to see how similar it really is, but I haven’t had a chance. The scent, although not overly potent – which is probably a good thing – lasted at least two full days, almost three. Unfortunately, the polish itself started chipping after day 1. This is probably because I didn’t use a top coat – which I assumed would mask the perfumed smell… thus being a waste. I love the idea of scented nail polish, and I must say, the colour is quite striking – but, the lack of staying power is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

Here is what it looks like:

Two coats of Betsey Johnson's It's My Pink! scented with Too Too perfume nail polish.

It's My Pink scented nail colour

And because I am rarely satisfied with just a single colour on my nails, here is what I added – inspired by a Sephora in store nail polish ad.

Betsey Johnson's It's My Pink and Sephora with OPI Leotard Optional