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Product Review: essie Good to Go


Okay, this is big – I mean really BIG. Life changing.

What if you were able to avoid accidental textured manicures… from your bed sheets [come on, we have all done it – painted your nails and then passed out only to wake up with a mess of sheet imprints]? What if you never EVER had to wait for your nails to dry? What would you be willing to give up for these luxuries? How about $12… is that too much to ask?

Essie Good to Go rapid dry top coat

I’m embarrassed and disappointed to admit that I didn’t try essie’s Good to Go top coat sooner. This stuff is amazing… REALLY AMAZING! At about $12 a bottle, you can’t go wrong. Good to go has a built-in silicon drying agent that lives up to essie’s claim of setting nail colour in seconds – if you are timing it will take between 30 – 45 seconds. The formula is quite runny but over time and use it does thicken – not so much that you aren’t able to use the bottom contents of the bottle though. I happen to like that it is very thin to begin with, it is really easy to paint on and leaves a lustrous finish without adding bulk. Unlike other quick drying top coats, essie managed to create a formula that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals – definitely a positive in my eyes.

Although the product claims that it works best with other essie nail colours, I have only used it with OPI. I had no issues and the results were still unreal. I am excited to try it with another essie polish to see if that makes any difference – although I really don’t think there is any room for improvement, essie nailed it on this one!

Are there any negatives? Not really – unless you consider the smell of nail polish offensive, but even then, the scent is no worse than your average bottle.

Would I buy this again? I think the answer is pretty obvious! essie you win – I am addicted to your top coat. Next on my list of things to buy – essie’s stylenomics – any one know when the new collection will be available in Canada?


Author: ellepottsie

I'm a five foot three recent commerce graduate and marketing enthusiast. Recently I've noticed that life is a little different when you're closer to the ground, but maybe that is just my perspective!

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