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Manicure Monday

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Today’s nail tutorial is a little different from the rest of my manicure posts. Instead of teaching you how to create your own nail art, I’m going to give you my thoughts on Sephora’s Nail Art Patches.

I have been eying the Nail Art Patches are Sephora for quite some time, but I can’t justify spending $14 on something I will likely take off after a few days. Luckily I was able to get a bit of a discount and I decided to go for it. I chose the Golden Circles pattern.

Sephora Nail Art Patch – Golden Circles

I know the design looks a bit overwhelming but remember your nails are not as big as those strips so it won’t be as intense. The patches comes in a vacuum sealed package – because they are actual strips on nail polish and once they come in contact with the air they will begin to dry. I didn’t have any problems getting them on before they dried though – don’t stress, you can take your time.

I found the instructions on the back of the package [and inside] to be quite vague. I was expecting a lot more detail. Basically you remove the top clear plastic layer and then you choose a strip that fits each of your nails. Each package comes with two sets of 8 different sizes. I was able to find sizes that fit my fingers and didn’t need to cut them at all, many people will cut them to fit exactly. Just keep in mind that the strips are nail polish  so even if you have a bit of excess, it will come off – nail polish isn’t meant to stick to you skin [for long periods of time].

Once you have chosen a size for your nail you will peel it off holding just the silver portion of the strip. Next you will place the end of the strip [without the silver piece] against your cuticle and smooth it down against your nail using your fingers. The more you smooth it the more it sticks. Once you get to the end of the nail just fold the excess under, it will eventually break off once you smooth it enough. Many reviews I read suggested using a nail file to remove the excess. I found that the nail file creates more of a jagged edge so I stuck to using just my fingers. It might have taken me a bit longer but it definitely produced a smoother result.

Once you have applied the patches to all of your nails you should let it dry and harden for a bit. Here is where I made a major mistake. Once they were firmly in place and dried, I wanted to seal them in with a top coat. Instead of using a regular top cost I used essie good to go rapid dry [my favourite top coat] – which ended up shrinking the patches a bit and pulling them up off my cuticle a bit. If you use a regular top coat you shouldn’t have this problem at all!

I got loads of compliments on my nails. They did look great – I just wish I didn’t use a rapid dry top coat. Now I know for next time, and you won’t make the same mistake I did!

The final result! Grainy instagram quality photo, but the nail art looks awesome!

I was expecting the patch to last for at least a week [based on reviews I had read], unfortunately, mine began to chip within 4 days. This morning I decided to take them off. What a struggle – not only did I tinfoil my fingers with nail polish remover and soak my nails, but I also scrubbed at them for half an hour to remove the patch. Maybe it was the sparkles that stuck to my nails, but taking them off was an absolute pain. Almost enough to make me abandon the patches for good.

Next time I will probably try a set without sparkle to see if that makes the removal process any easier [and quicker] – I’ll keep you posted. So the big question of the day, should you buy Nail Art Patches? …It’s hard to say. If you have a lot of time to spend on your nails, I would recommend it. The application is quick and painless, I think it took me about 15 minutes total. Just be prepared for a much longer removal process. They are nice while they last and I do believe that a regular top coat would have made a difference in the length of time they lasted without chipping.

Has anyone else tried Nail Art Patches? Would you?

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