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The Starbucks Secret Menu

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Has anyone seen this yet? I’ve come across  a few secret menus elsewhere [mostly American fast food joints], but this is the first I’ve heard about Starbucks. As far as I can tell it was released about six months ago.

The Starbucks Secret Menu

To be honest the items on there are too indulgent for me [I’m more of a coffee gal] – but they do sound pretty awesome if you are looking for a treat! There are a few more that caught my eye though:

Short Cappuccino – A “Short” cappuccino is a more Italian style cappuccino. Basically this cappuccino leaves out the gallons of milk Starbucks puts in for the more traditional amount of dairy that the drink originated with.

Red Eye – A shot of espresso in regular drip coffee.

Black Eye – Two shots of espresso in regular drip coffee.

Green Eye – Three shots of espresso in regular drip coffee. Not for anyone with a heart condition or road rage issues.

Poor Man’s Latte – Iced Americano with no water and half ice, then you can add free half and half at the little milk and condiments table. This is the same drink as a Breve Latte but costs much less. Just watch out for the classy police. This is definitely not the most chic thing to be caught doing by your mother-in-law or boss.

Poor Man’s Chai Latte – Order a Chai Tea Misto with extra foam, two tea bags, and half cinnamon-half vanilla syrup. This is basically the same drink but almost half the price.

Cafe au Lait – Order the Misto without foam for a classic French coffee drink.

French Pressed Coffee – Choose any coffee they sell by the bag and have it served in a French press.

Dirty Chai – Chair latte with a shot of espresso

Chocolate Cream Frapuccino – Chocolate syrup and chocolate flavoring. Lots and Lots of chocolate! Do not underestimate the amount of chocolate in this frozen blended coffee. Only for the true chocolate lover die hard.

Chocolate Dalmation – The Chocolate Dalmatian adds java chips and chocolate chips to a white chocolate mocha for that extra something.

Now, I don’t recommend ordering a “Tuxedo Mocha” or a “Captain Crunch” by name – but if you are able to explain what you want to the barista [extra points for using Starbucks terminology] you shouldn’t have a problem getting any of these wacky items!

So – which will you try first? I’ve got my eye on the “Black Eye”!

Sources: The Stir, Starbucks, and BuzzFeed

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I'm a five foot three recent commerce graduate and marketing enthusiast. Recently I've noticed that life is a little different when you're closer to the ground, but maybe that is just my perspective!

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