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Mani Monday: OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

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Nail decals are taking the manicure world by storm! It is such an easy and quick way to achieve a trendy nail art look for your digits. Over the past year some of the biggest names in nail lacquer, including essie and OPI, have joined the bandwagon and released real nail polish strips. If you’re in a rush but still need a great manicure – nail decals are the way to go. Once you’ve gotten used to the application process they can take under 10 minutes to apply – no drying time required.

Last week I picked up a set of OPI’s Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Reptile. At just under 15 dollars, they are definitely not cheap, but I am a sucker for efficiency and these decals definitely speed up my manicures.

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Reptile

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Reptile

OPI released a collection of 14 designs, comprised of 7 creams and 7 shimmers. Reptile is part of the cream category. Each package comes with 16 nail polish stickers to accommodate different sizes fingers. If you have shorter nails you could probably cut each in half and use them twice – however, once the decals come in contact with the air they begin to set so you’d have to find an air tight way to seal them, or share with a friend.

Application process directions.

Application process directions.

I chose to use a base coat, even though the instructions advise against it. I find my nails need something to harden and prepare them before applying any sort of colour. I use OPI Nail Envy – which I reviewed here.

Reptile Pattern.

Reptile Pattern.

In my experience, it was best to use this patten upside down because the top of the patter was much fuller than the bottom – that is up to you though. The application process is quite simple, just remove the plastic separate the stickers and then smooth each decal across your nail. Sometimes starting in the middle of your nail is not the best idea. I found the most success when I moved from the outside to the inside, sticking the decal firmly on the outer edge of your nail and then smoothing it across from the bottom up. You will have quite a bit of excess at the top of your nail but just fold the sticker over the end and smooth with your fingers – eventually the extra polish will tear off. Many people use a nail file to do this but when I tried it was too abrasive and didn’t leave me with the smooth, polished look I desired. It is important to move quickly once you stick each decal on as they heat from your fingers will mold the polish and begin to harden.

Below are some snaps of the finished product. The last picture was taken today after 5 days of wear. They look essentially the same as when I applied them on Wednesday night. I believe they are supposed to last for up to two weeks but I won’t be able to wear the same polish for that long.

photo 1

photo 2

Five days after application and they still look fresh. Like my new rings (middle and index finger)?

Five days after application and they still look fresh. Like my new rings (middle and index finger)?

Despite the high price – I will buy these again. I like the convenience and the designs, I have my eye of the girly glam pattern.

Have you tried nail stickers? If so what are your thoughts? Are they here to stay or just a phase?

xo Lauren

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