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Manicure Monday: Essie Repstyle Polish Application Tips


I have been talking about this polish for over a month now and I can’t believe the day has finally arrived that I get to share it with you! Released in early December, essie jumped on the magnetic polish bandwagon – in a unique way. The repstyle collection contains six shimmery lacquers that when applied will uncover a snakeskin like pattern. I had a hard time choosing just one colour to try, however, in the end I decided upon a shimmery forest green – crocadilly. Since Ottawa hasn’t yet stocked the repstyle collection, I had to seek help from a friend in Toronto to get my hands on this gem! Thanks to one of my BFFs this lacquer made it into my home safe and sound!

essie Crocadilly

I had not dabbled into the world of magnetic polishes before crocadilly. I didn’t like the swirling pattern the magnet produced – but this quilted look is eye catching and fun. I had no idea what to expect with the application process but I decided to dive in nails first and see what happened.

Here are the steps I took to achieve a full blown [un]textured mani.

1. Prime your nails with a base coat – for me it is always Nail Envy.

2. Paint each nail with one coat of crocadilly. The polish is quite opaque even after a single layer – but don’t stop here.

3. Paint a second coat over each nail. This is where I strayed from the directions – the instructions tell you to paint each finger one at a time and then use the magnetic cap to bring out the snakeskin pattern. This didn’t work for me at all.

4. One nail at a time, apply a non rapid drying top coat. While your nail is wet, hover the metallic cap over your nail to bring out the pattern. You will need to rest the cap on just below your cuticle in order to get the magnet close enough to reveal the pattern. On numerous occasions I actually ended up touching the magnet to my nails. This polish won’t show the snakeskin effect unless you get extremely close to your finger with the cap. Because my nails are long I had to do each nail in 6 stages. First I would do the center and bottom half of my nail, then [after applying more top coat to keep everything wet] move the magnet up and hover it over the center and top half of my nail. Next I repeated the process on each side of my nail, applying more top coat to the area I would be targeting each time. This made a huge difference in revealing the quilted pattern. You only need to hold the magnet over your nails for about 5 seconds in each position. Yes – this is quite time consuming considering each nail requires 30 seconds of holding plus adding top coat – I think the finished product was worth the effort though.

5. Once you have used the magnet on each nail, add a layer of top coat to seal the polish. I used OPI RapiDry but you can whatever you like.

And that my friends, is all you need to know in order to get an awesome un[textured] snakeskin mani!

repstyle essie

essie crocadilly repstyle

So far I have been wearing this polish for two days and it still looks fabulous!

What do you think of magnetic polishes? Will you give them a try?

xo Lauren

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2 thoughts on “Manicure Monday: Essie Repstyle Polish Application Tips

  1. This is such a cute mani! It’s odd that Ottawa hasn’t gotten this collection in yet!

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