A 5'3 Perspective

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Fabulous Finds Friday

Robert Deyber. Not likely a name you’ve hear before, unless you’re schooled in art – but trust me, it is a name worth remember.

While I was in Vegas I stumbled upon a gallery which featured a large collection of witty paintings that immediately caught my interest. Each one was modeled after a play on words – intending to be thought provoking and funny. Not only do the canvases display Deybers unique sense of humour, they also showcase his skill and talent.

Prepare to be amazed as I give you a taste of self-described “visual raconteur,” Robert Deyber’s world.

Rock Paper Scissors Hat Hare Toucans Spring Chicken

I am just in awe of his work. For more from Deyber’s collection visit: The Collection Shop.

I hope you enjoy these “punny” pictures as much as I do!