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Ask A Beauty Blogger

Ask A Beauty BloggerUntitledI am glad someone asked this question so I can give credit to a few of my favourite nail bloggers!

When it comes to nail inspiration I have a few go to sources:

1) Fresh off the runway. I love the intricate nail looks that designers pair with their new collections, however, they can often be a little complicated for an at home manicurist. I always try to use similar colours and styles but simplify things a bit to ensure a clean application.

2) Fashion Magazines. Many are even offering tutorials on how to achieve the latest looks.

3) Nail Blogs. My favourite source of inspiration by far – these bloggers are always on the hunt for the newest most exciting nail looks. I recommend checking out these manicure mavens websites: Polish and Pearls, Spektor’s Nails, Polish You Pretty, Beauty High and Glitter She Wrote – just to name a few.

Sometimes it is fun to just spend some time playing around with the colours you have and see where it takes you – you never know, an original design could be the next new nail trend!

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xo Lauren