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Pale Skin and Short Shorts, Summer is Here

I am embarrassed to reveal my pasty legs on the internet, but it was just too nice out this weekend to wear anything but shorts! I hope you spent as much as time outside as possible over the past few days [especially if you like in Ottawa] because the weather is about to take a turn for the worse – I’m talking 10 degrees Celsius and rain, yikes.

Put your sunglasses on, you might need them before scrolling down – my skin is blindingly white.

ellepottsieellepottsieclassicellepottsielaurenShorts: American Apparel / Blouse: Forever 21 (acquired from a clothing swap night) / Purse: Chloe / Flats: Jeffrey Campbell / Necklace: Victoire Boutique / Skull Ring: Urban Outfitters / Eye Ring: Top Shop / Shades: Vintage Ray-Ban

mr photographyI couldn’t resist snapping a paparazzi shot of my handsome photographer – he is looking summery and stylish in his lifetime shorts from NRML and an Urban Outfitters v-neck T [on sale for $4.99, what a steal].

Enjoy the rest of your day!

xo Lauren