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Manicure Monday: A Manicure Party and Polish You Pretty Nail Art Book Review

Polish You Pretty

About a month ago I was surprised with a lovely package in my mailbox courtesy of Ryland, Peters & Small publishers. As I tore into the padded envelope my excitement rose – my Polish You Pretty step-by-step nail art book had arrived! This book and accompanying blog polishyoupretty.com, are written by Jenny and Danielle, two nail polish addicts who have a flair for nail art and a passion for fabulous fingers. I think it goes without saying that yours truly has the same affinity for flawless and fun manicures.

The Polish You Pretty book walks you through the step-by-step process to help you achieve looks that could easily be mistaken for nail stickers. There are twenty-four designs in total ranging from extremely basic to quite advanced [I must admit, there was one design, the tiger bright, that I could not master – and I am a pretty avid nail junkie]. There is something for everyone, from a subtle half moon mani [a favourite of mine even before receiving the book] to off the wall strawberry and pineapple designs.

Having over twenty nail art designs to choose from became overwhelming quite quickly, especially since I was eager to provide a review – my solution? Throw a manicure party.

This weekend invited a few of my closest gal pals over to spend some time catching up while breathing in the sweet smell [hahaha] of nail lacquer – and a few glasses of wine.

Polish Collection

Thanks for a fabulous afternoon girls!

Thanks for a fabulous afternoon girls!

Each of us chose a design to test and we began filing, priming and painting. The instructions were comprehensive, however, it was the pictures that were most helpful – we passed the book around the table more times than you can imagine to make sure we didn’t miss a beat.

Lanna, on the left, Lisa, front right, and I, all chose designs from the “prints” section of the book, leapin’ leopard, tribal [after a struggled attempt at tiger bright – I don’t recommend trying this design, it is extremely challenging to perfect] and ikat, respectively. Laura, back right, stuck to the simple category as she is new to nail art and chose the stained glass pattern.

Lanna:LannaLeapin' Leopard

Lisa:LisaTribalPolish You Pretty

Laura:Laura LauraStained Glass

Me (I also tried out Magic Mixing, which I wrote about here):ellepottsieikatManicure Monday

Polish You Pretty served as great inspiration for our manicures and provided us with lots of recommendations and visuals to help us achieve beautiful manicured nails, however, we all agreed upon a few shortcomings. Firstly, very few images included a photo of the full hand. It would have been nice to see thumbs as the nail is larger and it gives you a better perspective of the full look. The second issue we had was that the finished design wasn’t shown until after the steps had been given [for many tutorials] so you had to flip back and forth between pages at the beginning to see if you were on the right track. It would be great to see a close up of the final product on each page [even small and in the corner] just to remind the artist of what they are working towards.

All in all, Polish You Pretty step-by-step nail art book is a must buy for anyone who is willing to spend some time on their manicures and needs some inspiration. I loved thumbing through the pages and choosing my next manicure. By the end of the year I am sure I will have tried each design at least once.

For more information on Polish You Pretty and nail art, visit polishyoupretty.com and follow Jenny and Danielle (@polishyoupretty) on twitter – they are always sharing new manicure ideas and nail lacquer reviews!

Polish You Pretty by Jenny Stencel and Danielle Black is published by Ryland, Peters & Small and is available at http://www.rylandpeters.com/ or at your local Chapters/Indigo Bookstore.

Thanks again girls for joining me for a Saturday afternoon full of nail polish and to everyone else for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed it!

xo Lauren