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Fabulous Finds Friday

I’m thinking about changing up my writing style a bit on the blog, maybe becoming a little more laid back and easy going. I’m thinking something like this:

The New EllepottsieSounds pretty bumpin’ if you ask me. Kidding!

I came across Gizoogle.net, a Google parody website earlier this week and I haven’t stopped using it yet. Gizoogle was originally launched in 2004 and was translating average text into serious gangsta speak until 2011 , when it was eventually shut down. Luckily for us, this entertaining site is back up and running and ready to provide you with hours of laughs. Using Gizoogle, you can translate entire websites, tweets, twitter pages, texts, and anything else you can find online or type into the faux Google search bar, into “gangsta slang”. I recommend translating your employers twitter feed or corporate websites – for me, those have yielded the most hilarious results!

I know this isn’t my typical Friday post but I just couldn’t resist – plus this will keep you occupied until Tuesday since I will be out in the woods camping for the long weekend. Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

xo Lauren!