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My First Juicing Experience, Plus A Recipe For First Time Juicers

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So apparently I am completely inept when it comes to kitchen appliances. I have managed to break my coffee maker and magic bullet since the beginning of the year. The coffee maker was a sleepy accident but the magic bullet was completely my fault. Word to the wise, blending dates [without soaking them in water] is not recommended, the blender than can apparently do all is completely powerless against this sticky beast. Kitchen troubles aside, I am a huge fan of new tools [of the culinary variety] so when the opportunity arose to adopt a juice I jumped at it, well almost – I had to consider storage logistics since my kitchen is pretty tiny.

If you know me well, you know I dislike fruit juices, but vegetable juice has a certain appeal. Sure you lose out on much of the fiber in the veggies, but it is such an easy and convenient way to get your 8-10 daily servings, and that is right up my alley. Unfortunately for me, I had no prior juicing experience, nor did I have the box or instruction manual. Oster JuicerI probably should have done some research before jamming my veggies down the tube, but I was too excited. I know the picture above makes it pretty obvious that you need to put a glass under the spout, but I had no idea and thought the just came out into the clear bucket on the right side – it surprised me that what I saw was chunks of shredded veg. That should have been a red flag but I just kept going… until I noticed a stream of green liquid dripping off the counter. Whoops – my bad, turns out I was seeing the pulp and the juice was flowing freely out what I thought was the back of the machine. Better luck next time.

After a quick clean up [and attempt to salvage some of the juice – my counters are pretty clean ;)] I am proud to say I figured it out. Juicing is extremely easy when you know where the liquid comes out. So far I am sticking to mostly veggie juices. I really enjoy the taste, especially with an added kick of ginger, lime and cilantro. Neil was not a fan of my concoction but then again the idea of vegetable juicing isn’t appealing to him. Despite his reaction, I am going to share my recipe with you. If you don’t like veggies, don’t try this.

First Timer Green Juice

This recipe makes 2 servings.Green JuiceIngredients

1/2 medium cucumber
4 medium leaves kale
1 cup loosely packed cilantro leaves and stems
1/2 (or 1- for extra sweetness) large apple, cored and quartered
1 inch piece of fresh ginger
1 to 2 limes, peeled
3 medium celery stalks
Clean all veggies well. Remove core from apple and skin from lime, otherwise you do not need to peel or de-stem anything else. Juice in the order the ingredients are listed above for best results. Be sure to stir the juice before drinking.
My next juicing endeavor will be to come up with a great use for the pulp, I feel terrible throwing it away. I am thinking of making grain free crackers with it. If they turn out I’ll share the recipe.
Happy juicing!
xo Lauren

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