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Manicure Monday: Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Polish

Is there anything better than coming home to a package waiting for you at your door? A month ago I might have answered this question with a firm no. I love the anticipation of online shopping – tracking, waiting, tracking, waiting. Did I mention tracking? I am obsessed. I get such a thrill knowing something is on it’s way to me! But – there is something better. Surprise packages. Filled with nail polish – from the amazing team at Revlon Canada. Revlon GoodiesThis is exactly what I came home to at the end of last week. A nail junkies dream – four beautiful summery polishes: Coast is Clear, Cabana Queen, Lagoon Afternoon and Belize, Please, which are part of the limited edition Haute Tropics collection [available in stores now for the next four weeks only!], and five nail art lacquers.

The only problem with this envelope full of goodies was that I had too many options – I had such a hard time deciding which polish to try out first. After much deliberation [and a vote from Neil] I chose Orbit, a deep, rich purple base paired with an iridescent flake glitter.Orbit Moon CandyFirst of all – the purple base is incredible! The formula and the brush make for an extremely easy application. With just one coat it was completely opaque and beautiful. I would definitely wear this shade alone, but I knew the glitter layer would up the ante so I added one more base coat [because I can’t seem to stop at one] and waited patiently for it to dry. The purple tinted, iridescent, shimmery second layer applied just as flawlessly as the base colour. My only qualm here is that the glitter pieces were a little sparse for my liking – but not to worry, a second layer of the shimmery polish fixed that problem without any hassle.

I did find that the top layer took quite a while to dry completely, even with two layers of rapid dry top coat – and the texture of my nail was jagged because of the glitter pieces. This isn’t something that I find bothersome but I know it can be an issue for others. Despite the slow drying process and rough finish, the end result is undeniably unique and beautiful.Revlon Moon Candy Orbit - Moon CandyCapturing the true look of this polish is difficult to do in photos – it just doesn’t do the colour justice. Depending on the lighting the lacquer can look completely different, sometimes purple heavy, other times it is a deep rich blue. I have received many compliments on this manicure because the shimmery flakes are so eye-catching.

In terms of wear and tear – I’ve got to hand it to the team at Revlon. Though I only applied this polish on Friday evening, it is still looking fabulous. I know a few days doesn’t sound like such feat for a manicure to hold up, but this wasn’t just an average weekend for me. I spent all day Saturday biking and canoeing [and canoe flipping – into the Rideau Canal – but that is another story], and on Sunday I participated in the Spartan Obstacle race, which means that this polish made it up and down a ski hill three times in the mud and rain, through barbed wire crawls, rope climbs, a fire pit and about ten other insane tasks. I was shocked I still had finger nails after I finished the race – let alone an almost perfect manicure.
Post Spartan Race ManicureThis is pretty much the extent of the damage. Impressive Revlon, really – this is amazing. However, if the polish was this durable through crazy tasks, I am a bit nervous about the removal process. I assume that I will need to use my tried and true tin foil glitter dissolving process, which you can find here, but I will definitely keep you posted on what happens.

So the verdict is in – I love the look of this polish and I can easily get past a rougher texture on my nails so I would definitely buy this again and I would highly recommend it! I can’t wait to test out the rest of the lacquers and share my thoughts in the next week or two.

Thanks again to the Revlon Canada team for sending me these polishes try! If you’d like to learn more about Revlon products and hear about upcoming launches head over to Twitter or Facebook and join the fun.

xo Lauren

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