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Manicure Monday: Pinky’s Nails in Toronto

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I wish I could say I created this nail art manicure myself, but that would be a lie. Sure I came up with the concept – but the results would not look so unbelievable without the help of a true nail artist. Enter Pinky’s Nail Art Studio in Toronto. Although the location is slightly off the beaten path, the manicures you’ll leave with are beyond worth it. If you can dream up an idea, the talented men and women at Pinky’s can make it happen – nothing is too challenging or over the top for these nail artists!Pinky's TorontoI knew that Pinky’s was the only appropriate place to take my favourite Toronto beauty queen for a birthday mani, so off we went to get pampered! Sarah and I opted for quite opposite designs, hers, sweet and cute, while mine was darker and edgy. The wonderful staff at Pinky’s helped us turn our lofty manicure ideas into reality and began to create works of art on our finger nails. An hour and a bit later we left the salon with smiles and perfect manicures.

Cupcakes and Hearts!

Cupcakes and Hearts!

Skulls, Diamonds and Tribal, OH MY!

Skulls, Diamonds and Tribal, OH MY!

I honestly could have spent hours at Pinky’s, browsing through the sample manicure wheels and chatting nail art – everyone was so welcoming and friendly! If you are ever in Toronto and have time to get a Pinky’s manicure, don’t think twice, just do it. It is worth every penny!Pinky's Nails Pinky's Nail ArtSince visiting Pinky’s I am more excited than ever before to try out new manicure ideas – I definitely learnt a thing or two about how the pros paint nails and I cannot wait to try out these new tactics on my own!

Need some inspiration for your next nail art manicure? Follow Pinky’s Nails on Instagram – you won’t regret it!

xo Lauren

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