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Benefit Fake Up Concealer Product Review

Sometimes I come across a product that makes me feel like a brand has tapped my brain and extracted my deepest, darkest beauty dreams. Qualities I could only imagine in an item magically become a reality – this is how I felt when I found Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer. This ultra-hydrating crease control concealer is the answer to my prayers. For years I have longed for a product to turn my blotchy, blemish ridden skin into a beautiful work of art, yet most concealers enhance my dry spots making them more noticeable than choosing to go bare. Benefit Fake UpWhen I stumbled across Fake Up on  a routine trip to Sephora, I couldn’t help but give it a try. In typical benefit fashion, the concealer is offered in only three shades – light, medium and dark. I’m quite pale but I found the light to be just a tad fair for my skin, which means there is hope for you snow white beauties out there! The medium shade matches my skin flawlessly even without spending time blending. fake up product reviewThe concealer is comprised of two parts – the inner pigmented area (light defusing and full coverage) and the outer circle (a hydrating formula filled with vitamin E and apple seed extract). It is easy to apply as the goal is to use both parts of the product equally. I rub my finger on the tip of the concealer which mixes the hydrator and the concealer together and then dab on my problem areas.

If full coverage is the look you desire, Fake Up might not be the concealer for you. I find it to be just slightly more sheer than other brands, however, it is buildable. For me, the hydrating aspect is what makes this product irreplaceable. My blemishes and dry patches are being concealed and moisturized all at the same time! Fake Up is the perfect product for someone with dry or dehydrated skin as it will assist in the repairing process.

Some may feel that the price is a bit steep for such a small amount of product. For me, $29 a tube is a small price to pay for smooth, flawless looking skin. If you’re not sure that Fake Up is right for you, I recommend testing it out using Sephora’s extremely customer friendly return policy, which allows to you to return any product, in almost any condition, with no questions asked.

Benefit’s Fake Up concealer is high my list of essential daily use products. The coverage is ample and the hydration is out of this world. This concealer is exactly what my skin has always dreamed of – and the cute disco-esque packaging is a great bonus which makes it easy to throw in your purse and apply whenever and wherever you need!

Have you come across a beauty product that you feel was made for you?

xo Lauren