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Manicure Monday: Chanel 601 Mysterious

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When i came across the new Fall 2013 Chanel lacquers last week, I was a little disappointed. Of the three colours, two are completely over done. 589 Elixir is a red/pink combo with a bit of sheen – yawn, and 591 Alchimie, which is a slightly more green version of 531 Peridot. The third colour in the set caught my eye – 601 Mysterious. It appeared to be a deep olive green when I first saw the bottle in store – similar to the Khaki Green from the Les Khaki Collection which launched years ago, which is next to impossible to find for a reasonable price. Chanel Fall 2013This weekend was so crazy that I didn’t even get a chance to take the polish out of the box until Sunday night. As you can see from the picture above – it very dark, almost grey looking. Mysterious – fitting name, this was not the khaki olive green I was hoping for. I could have sworn this was not what I had seen before buying it. As with most Chanel polishes, the formula is easy to work with and two coats ensures opacity, but I am not sold on the colour. When I look quickly at my nails, they look black. With a closer examination, especially under bright sunlight, the dustiness makes it a deep grayish green. I am not sure if I like this polish. It is a nice vamp hue and will look great for Fall, however, it isn’t what I was expected and because of that, I am disappointed. Mani MondayI tried to add some studs to my mani for extra appeal, but my lackluster sentiments are obvious by just looking at the precision (or lack of) of my application.

If you’re rocking a fabulous manicure today, send some pictures my way. Tag me in your mani pics on Instagram or Twitter.

xo Lauren

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I'm a five foot three recent commerce graduate and marketing enthusiast. Recently I've noticed that life is a little different when you're closer to the ground, but maybe that is just my perspective!

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