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Five Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Okay, so maybe life-changing was a strong choice of descriptor, but I promise you that these five tips will help you out when it comes to your beauty routine!

1. Match Your Foundation To Your Neck, NOT Your Face.
Think about it, you will be covering your entire face in the stuff while your neck is left bare. Matching the colour to your neck will ensure that you never look like your wearing a face full of someone else’s make up!

2. Suck Your Thumb After Applying Lipstick To Avoid Getting It On Your Teeth.
I know this sounds weird, you don’t really need to suck your thumb, just put it in your mouth and lightly close your lips around it. If you do this immediately after applying lipstick, the area of your lips that tend to touch your teeth will be bare. Your lipstick application will be flawless and you’ll never have to worry about having red teeth again… unless you’re drinking red wine, but that’s a different story.

3. Lightly Touch Your Nails Together To See If They Are Completely Dry.
I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before. Your nails feel dry to the touch, but as soon as you resume your daily activities, your new manicure gets completely ruined. This happens because the under layers of the polish are not completely dry. Once your nails feel dry to the touch, you can confirm that you are no longer incapacitated by manicure hands by lightly tapping two nails together. If you feel any pull or stick, wait longer.

4. Blow Dry Your Eyelash Curler To Enhance Your Lashes.
First of all, make curling your eyelashes a regular part of your beauty routine. This tool helps to open up your eyes and create more visible lashes. To really amp up your eyes, heat the metal part eyelash curler with your blow dryer before using. A heated tool will create a curl much more effectively that an unheated tool which means that a warm curler will give the effect of longer-lasting, noticeably curlier lashes. Just don’t forget to test the temperature of the metal before putting the contraption near your eye.

5. Conceal Your Lips Before Applying Colour.
Yes you will look strange before you apply your lip colour, however, priming your lips with concealer will give the lipstick a blank canvas. Your reds will be more vibrants and your vampy colours will be taken to a whole new level. With this trick, you’ll never have to worry about whether the colour in the tube will look the same on your lips. And as a bonus, the layer of concealer acts as a bond and will make your lipstick last even longer!

What are your favourite beauty tricks? Have you ever tried any of mine?

xo Lauren


Manicure Monday: Tiny Triangle Tips

When the essie Fall 2013 launched, I couldn’t stop swooning over After School Boy Blazer. Sure I have a few deep blues in my collection, but this one is so dark it almost appears black – until you take a close look, then the complexity of the hue will have you in awe. I finally purchased this shade last week and knew that it would combine perfectly with essie No Place Like Chrome to create a fun, futuristic and geometric nail art mani. essie nail art ellepottsie manicure MondayAfter two base layers of No Place Like Chrome, I used the weight of the brush to paint V shapes at the top of each finger and then filled in the bottom to create this look. Remember to take your time and breathe to keep a steady hand.

Now that the new Fall colours are readily available in stores, which hue are you coveting for the season?

xo Lauren

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Manicure Monday: Leopard Print Double Accents

After two weeks of black and white manicures, I figured it was time to move onto to something a little more interesting. Using OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts and You’re Such A Budapest, I created a double accent leopard print mani. manicure monday leopard double accent manicureThe leopard print design looks intricate and complicated, but it is arguably one of the easiest to complete with just a few pointers. First, paint your nail a solid base colour. Once this is completely dry, paint random, uneven dots all over nail. Using a third colour – I used the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, draw “c” and “u” shapes around the dots you painted before. Fill in any blank spaces with dots and lines in the third colour. leopard nail artIf you look closely you can see what I mean!

If you’re rocking a fabulous manicure today, send some pictures my way. Tag me in your mani pics on Instagram or Twitter.

xo Lauren


Fall Favourites: Beauty and Fashion

It’s time to pack up the shorts, sandals and summer beauty faves – fall is here and bringing deeper, richer hues along with it. Fall FavouritesA great jacket will keep you warm and dry through the damp, chilly days. This RED Valentino Bow Detailed Parka is subtle in colour but packs a real punch in the details. Keeping things classic and simple will make you feel stylish and confident this Fall.

Simple black and white fashion is trending for Fall. To keep your look fun and unique, wear a long lasting red lip to give off a sexy and polished vibe. This YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain applies flawlessly and has some serious staying power. My go to colour is Rouge Laque – but head over to your local Sephora to test out a few different shades to see what suits you best. If $34 is a little steep for your budget, L’Oreal Paris Colour Caresse is a pretty awesome dupe, however, the colour selection is not as broad.

No matter the season, flawless skin is always in style. La Roche Posay offers a wide range of skincare products to help correct any imperfections that ail you.

With cool weather on the horizon, it is better to prevent chapped lips before they occur. Using a scrub a couple times a week will keep your lips looking soft and supple, not to mention the great canvas they will make for your deep red polish! This fresh Sugar Lip Polish is gentle and natural and does wonders for dry skin.

Gone are the days of bright nails, but that doesn’t mean you have to have boring nails. Pair this Chanel Vertigo polish with almost any other colour and create fabulous Fall friendly designs. The dark grey cream almost appears black in some light, but it is the shine and easy application that cannot be beat.

Now it is your turn to share your Fall fashion and beauty faves!

xo Lauren

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Manicure Monday: Black and White French Tips

Sticking with the black and white theme this week – this manicure is a cross between elegant and trendy. black and white manicure ellepottsie mani mondayTo create this looks, start with a white base, I used essie marshmallow, and then paint the tips with a steady hand using an opaque black.

As always, if you’re wearing a fabulous manicure – send some pictures my way. I’d love to see how your rocking some of the new fall nail trends! Tag me in your mani pics on Instagram or Twitter.

xo Lauren

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Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss Review

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to test out a  full sized pot of Satin Lip Gloss from Ageless Derma. I was intrigued by the product because it claims to have the properties of a lip chap but also provide a pop of colour, similar to a lipstick. In the past, I have found that glosses claiming to moisturize and add hue, usually fall short in at least one of those areas – it seems almost impossible to find a product that can deliver both.

The Satin Lip Gloss comes in twelve different shades, from nude to violet and everything in between. I chose a rose coloured gloss, Blossom, to sample.Ageless Derma Satin Lip GlossSatin Lip Gloss in BlossomThese lip colours are vitamin enriched and feature key ingredients like Castor Oil, Lanolin, Ceresin, Paraffin, Soybean Oil to moisturize and protect. The Ageless Derma website describes the collection as a moisturizing set of lip glosses made with aloe vera, green tea extract and a hint of refreshing peppermint oil.

I was very impressed with the texture and longevity of this gloss. I truly believe that it delivered in both adding colour and moisture to my lips. The hue wore well and only came off when I ate or drank, which is understandable as it isn’t a stain. When applied, the colour is very natural and enhances your lips while providing just a touch of shimmer. The more I used this gloss, the better my lips felt. Blossom Satin Lip GlossUnfortunately for anyone with long nails, applying this product with your fingers is absolutely impossible. The pot is small and it is hard to get product on the pads of your digits without getting loads of residue under your nails. For me, this is a huge limitation as I rarely [never] carry a lip brush with me when I am out. While the application is effortless with a brush, I would have prefered a tube type of applicator so that I can use this gloss on the go.

All in all, I really like this product and would highly recommend it! I received compliments every time I wore this gloss out of the house. At $15, Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss is extremely affordable and delivers great results. To purchase a pot of your own, visit: AglessDerma.com, you won’t be disappointed!

Want to learn more about Ageless Derma? Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

xo Lauren

Thanks to the Ageless Derma team for sending me this product to try – I was under no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions are my honest thoughts and experiences, as always!

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Manicure Monday – Dip Dye Tips

This weekend I treated myself to a few September fashion magazines. To my delight, beautiful nail art manicures were front and center in both issues, which left me no choice but to try one out. In Style featured a few do it yourself nail art instructionals using some of the best fall trends – so I happily obliged and gave one a try.Dip Dye TipsThe Dip-Dye Tips manicure featured both the negative space trend (as long as you use a nude base colour) and a deep blue ombre. You’ll need a makeup sponge, a pale or nude base colour , a deep blue and a top coat. I used Sephora by OPI Bare to Be Different as the neutral colour and OPI I Saw… You Saw… We Saw… Warsaw for the cobalt ombre effect. This manicure is fool proof as long as you follow a few easy steps.

Step 1: Prime your nail with a base coat – preferably a nail strengthener like OPI Nail Envy [product review here].
Step 2: Paint your nails completely using the nude/pink hue and allow it to dry completely.
Step 3: Using a makeup sponge, paint a layer of top coat on the tip and then follow with a layer of blue. Using the top coat first will dilute the colour which will give you the dip-dye look. Lightly dab the painted area on the sponge on your nail from the half way point to your tip, leave the cuticle area untouched. Allow your nails to dry completely before moving on to the next stage.
Step 4: Using a fresh makeup sponge [or the other side], paint the edge with blue polish and tab on the tip area of your nail to saturate the colour.
Step 5: Once the blue lacquer is completely dry, follow with a quick dry top coat to seal the manicure. I used essie good to go for this [product review here]. ellepottsie and In Style mani monday dip-dye tips manicureI am extremely happy with how this manicure turned out – it is very unique and intricate looking.

As always, if you’re wearing a fabulous manicure – send some pictures my way. I’d love to see how your rocking some of the new fall nail trends! Tag me in your mani pics on Instagram or Twitter.

xo Lauren