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Manicure Monday: Halloween Nails

The Halloween countdown is on, only 10 days to go! I’ll admit that I have given no thought to my costume for this year – but my nails are definitely feeling the spooky spirit! This manicure is simple and fun. I’ll include a tutorial and a list of products used so you can give it a try! Halloween ManicureUsing essie blanc as a base coat, paint each nail entirely white. Once this base is dry, use a dotting tool (I use this Quo brush and dotting tool set, which can be found at Shoppers Drugmart) to create two black dots for eyes near your cuticle. Next use the smaller end of the tool to create the nose by painting two dots attached to each other. Finally, use the brush to paint five thin lines from just after the middle of your nail all the way to the tip. Allow the black to dry completely before adding a top coat to avoid colour bleeding.

If you’re rocking a fabulous manicure today, send some pictures my way. Tag me in your mani pics on Instagram or Twitter.

xo Lauren


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A Christmas Themed Mani Monday

Merry Christmas Eve everyone – hope you’ve made some cookies and stocked up on milk for Santa!

Today’s manicure is probably my most time intensive project yet – but it was totally worth it. I decided to decorate each nail with something Christmas themed. I didn’t do a tutorial because I kind of made it up as I went. Once you get down to it, each nail isn’t that tough to create – you just need a steady hand, lots of time and a good imagination [and a bit of tape for the Christmas tree!

Say hello to Santa, the Christmas tree and the strand of lights. Hope you like them!!!

Santa Christmas Tree Nails
Holiday Nail Art

Christmas Nails

Ho Ho Ho – Hope you’ve been good this year!