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Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Already Own

At the begin of October I always start to think about an elaborate Halloween costume for the year. By mid October, I have usually forgotten all about it. The day before Halloween I am frantically trying to throw together anything in my wardrobe to make a costume. If this sounds like you, here are five costumes ideas that are likely already hanging in your closet.

1. Where’s Waldo WaldoAll you need to make this costume work is a red and white striped shirt and hat, a pair of jeans, and glasses. The cane and messenger bag are optional – if you’re friends can’t figure it out without those two items, they need a lesson is 1980s children’s literature.

2. Robber RobberBlack pants, black hat, black and white striped shirt, dark sunglasses and black shoes. The more black the better! If you can find a bag to carry around for your bounty – even better!

3. Rosie The Riveter Rosie The RiveterYou go girl! Pair a denim blouse with denim short and add a bandanna, red lips and an obscene amount of bicep flexing and consider this Halloween a girls night out!

4. Black Cat Cat CostumeBlack on black on black. Add some ears and a few whiskers [drawn on with eyeliner] and give your superstitious friends a run for their money.

5. Tom Cruise in Risky Business Risky BusinessThis is probably one of the most overdone costumes, but it is a no brainer. Grab your boyfriends white dress shirt, a pair of spandex shorts, socks, sunglasses and a candle sick and be prepared to dance the night away!

With only two weeks until Halloween, start pursuing your closet so your costume is the least stressful part of your night!

xo Lauren



How To Have A DIY Valentine’s Day

It’s that lovey dovey time of year again – if you’re in a relationship, this is one of the best holidays, if you aren’t, you probably grumble through the day shooting evil looks at hand holding couples. If you fall into the second category – skip this post, it’s not for you… or bookmark it for later.

I am so lucky to be spending my fourth Valentine’s Day with the most incredible boyfriend. From the very beginning we decided that homemade gifts were a lot more meaningful to us and have stuck with that theme ever since.

Here are a few of my favourite DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Matching T's

1. Custom T-Shirts – N made this for our last anniversary. We both are avid road bikers and had joked about making a “couples” shirt that only made sense when we are standing together. This is a thoughtful and extremely creative idea, all you need to do is buy two t-shirts and head down to a screen printing shop. Make sure you go into the store with an idea in mind. If you are on a tight budget you could use iron on paper.

Love Jar

Love Jar

2. Jar of Kisses – I think I gave this to N on our first Valentine’s Day. This DIY is a bit more time consuming. You need a jar, a few bags of Hersey’s Kisses (of any flavour), a pen, and a lot of reasons why you love (insert significant others name)… You’ll have to carefully unwrap each kiss and write something you love about the person you are giving it to. Some of my favourites in that jar are the funny ones, like “… the way you pose like a Greek statue” or “… watching you make your epic sandwiches”. He still hasn’t eaten all the kisses (because he doesn’t like chocolate) but he definitely read all the captions.

Conversation Heart Picture Frame

3. Conversation Heart Picture Frame – Do this one at least a few hours before you plan to give it to your significant other because it needs a bit of time to dry. You’ll need a couple boxes of conversation hearts, super glue, a paint brush, white glue, water, and a picture frame. First you’ll need to glue each heart to the frame, then mix water and white glue to make a glaze and paint over the hearts. Use a 2:1 ratio of glue to water for this (or buy mod podge). Allow to dry and then insert your favourite picture of the two of you.

Picture Collage

4. Framed Picture Collage – This is a really great gift for any couple that has done some traveling and wants to display their pictures. Since the digital camera came out, many of us have stopped developing pictures – N and I are guilty of that so this is a nice way to start a collection.

Heart Heat Pack

5. Heart Shaped Heat Pack – In the cold months of the year we are all prone to aches and pains. This heat pack is filled with rice and can be microwaved to help ease body tension. Do not attempt this DIY if you don’t have a sewing machine. You’ll need cotton fabric, rice and a sewing machine. I just cut a heart out of the fabric and sewed the edges together inside out (leaving a small hole), next I used a funnel to fill the heart pouch with rice. Stitch up the opening with a hidden seam and you’ll have a cute heart shaped heat bag!

Lovers Map

6. Lover’s Travel Map – I can’t take any credit for this amazing gift. N made it for me after we began to travel together. Each time we go somewhere new we add another peg. Our goal is to get a pin on every continent! You’ll need a shadow box, flagged push pins, a printed map, stickers to decorate, and cardboard to write the names of the places on. This is probably the most special gift I have ever received.

52 Reasons Why I Love You

7. 52 Reasons Why I Love You – I made this for N last year. It seems to be all over Pinterest now. It is really simple and sweet. You’ll need a deck of cards, something to bind them with, scrap paper, pictures, and glue. I wrote each reason on a scrap piece of paper and glued it on along with a few pictures and decorations.

When you think about it, these DIYs are all quite easy to make but they are so meaningful. Valentine’s Day is about showing your significant other how much you care about them, so ditch the chocolates and store bought gifts and spend some time crafting your way into each other’s heart.

Happy hump day!

xo Lauren

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Boxing Day Beauty Indulgences

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I am so fortunate to have been able to spend time with all of my loved ones – I love the holidays because they bring everyone together.

Today I braved the boxing day crowds bright and early to get my hands on a few beauty products I’ve been eyeing. A few of these items are tried and true to me, others are new. If you haven’t been out yet – Sephora has some great deals for any beauty obsessed ladies [or men – no judgment]. Many cult favourites are on sale for only $12.  Check out the website if you feel more comfortable shopping from your couch. Here is what I brought home – all for a grand total of 102.83, including tax.

Boxing Day Beauty Buys

Boxing Day Beauty Deals

I also picked up an armful of bargain books and a cozy throw [on sale for $20 – regular $79] from Chapters, as well as a new sweater for $34 from roadtrip [if you plan on shopping there today, check out their Facebook page to receive a $10 discount]. Any one else get any great finds?

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A Christmas Themed Mani Monday

Merry Christmas Eve everyone – hope you’ve made some cookies and stocked up on milk for Santa!

Today’s manicure is probably my most time intensive project yet – but it was totally worth it. I decided to decorate each nail with something Christmas themed. I didn’t do a tutorial because I kind of made it up as I went. Once you get down to it, each nail isn’t that tough to create – you just need a steady hand, lots of time and a good imagination [and a bit of tape for the Christmas tree!

Say hello to Santa, the Christmas tree and the strand of lights. Hope you like them!!!

Santa Christmas Tree Nails
Holiday Nail Art

Christmas Nails

Ho Ho Ho – Hope you’ve been good this year!

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Holiday Gift Guide for The Socialite

Remember when I told you to keep your eyes peeled for my Guest Blogger Holiday Gift Guide Series – well open them up, it is here! Today I am thrilled to introduce to you one of the city’s most connected and social gals, and not to mention a great friend of mine, Zeina. If you don’t already follow her on Twitter, you can change that by clicking here, she is always entertaining and honest – you won’t be disappointed! Now let’s get to it, you’re in for a treat!


Gift Guide for The Socialite

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

1. There is something extremely sexy about a fierce pair of combat boots. They are perfect to dress down and party approved for a night out on the town.  You can pair them with an off the shoulder sweater dress or keep it casual with jeans and a sweater. Combat boots demand confidence – I kind of dig that.

2. I can’t pin-point when my obsession with nail polish flourished into a full blown addiction but I welcome it with open arms. Nail art is the coolest new way to express yourself and everyone is talking about it. However, with so many colors and trends, organization and clutter-free storage is an absolute necessity! What’s neat about this carousel is that it can be a simple DIY project during the holidays and there are plenty of Pinterest inspired examples to help you get started. Go on now, organize your life!

3. What is better than a friday night with your girlfriends, laughing and enjoying a delicious cocktail? A cocktail that was under 100 calories. If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, people telling us that our drink of choice is ‘fattening’ has not really stopped us from indulging during our weekly girls night rituals. Skinny girl vodka is smooth, crisp and refreshing all at the same time. Bethenny Frankel is a genius and this very successful line has recently expanded to include plenty of flavours to excite your palate. My personal favourite is a yummy island coconut vodka.

4. Anyone who knows me can attest to the following two things; 1) I am ALWAYS on my iPhone and 2) over the years I have lost a wallet/purse at the bar more than once. So you can imagine the great joy I take in discovering this life-saving item they call the ‘iPhone wristlet’. Innovation meets chic and practical meets compact with this stylish answer to your prayers. You can keep your important IDs safe and stow cash in it while hittin’ the clubs. There is nothing more suitable this holiday season for a city socialite than a MK (or Kate Spade) iPhone wristlet.

5. I remember the first time I saw a friend of mine with her newly purchased Marc Jacobs’ laptop case. She looked so comfortable yet stylish with this sleek and colourful handbag. As I sat across from her at Starbucks with my bulky black laptop bag, I was burning with envy. This is the kind of case you need for it to be socially acceptable to sit at coffee shops with your cute macbook and fill the world in on your life through 140 characters.

6. Sweaters have always been one of my favourite go-to attire in the brisk and chilly winter months. I love the warmth they bring and how they hug my skin while I sip on hot chocolate, curled up on my couch watching some trashy reality TV. The newest trend in winter clothing includes these cute heart cut out shapes on the back of sweaters. It’s a great way to still feel sexy when you have so many layers on.

7. For some reason, the chance to party one more time in 2012 before starting fresh and swearing off pizza is really a great feeling. Every year, I look forward to New years eve and more importantly — my New Years eve outfit. In my mind, I picture a classy black lace dress with these beautiful Princess Ribbon Pave’ earrings. They are flashy but not too in-your-face and I think they will compliment and complete the look. I can’t wait to look and feel like a million bucks!

8. These new white leopard print shoes from Nike are the best thing since sliced bread or at least since plain-jane boring runners. These sneakers scream “look at me, I have leopard print shoes on and they’re comfortable”! What I love most about them is the femininity and interesting colour blocking. Good job Nike on a refreshing and fashionable approach to classic sportswear.

9. My addiction to my iPhone is no secret (refer to item 4) and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. All the apps and communication tools literally have me hanging onto every word. So it should come as no surprise that I feel nothing short of an anxiety attack when my battery levels are below 20% – which is often due to my excessive use. When I stumbled upon the power charger battery bank, I thought to myself “this can’t be real”. You mean to tell me that I can charge my phone while using it on the go? I expect flying cars next.

10. Pictures are a great way to tell a story – your story. From silly nights out with your girlfriends to beautiful trips around the world with your family, a picture really is worth a thousand words. With vintage fashion dominating the world, what better blast from the past then this vintage polaroid 1970’s camera. Now you can just snap a photo with this iconic camera and upload to Facebook without the workings of instagram filters. I don’t know about you but I would be ecstatic if I was greeted with this gem of a gift on Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays and good luck shopping!