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Manicure Monday: Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art

To my fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday and remember to appreciate even the small things in life.
20131014-110114.jpgxo Lauren


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Manicure Monday: Black and White Nail Art

Labour Day weekend always reminds me of new beginnings. Although I am not going back to school [and haven’t for quite a while], the summer to fall transition is exciting and opportunity filled.

As much as I love deep and full bodies nail polish hues during this time of year, I decided to try something a little different. Black and white has been making a serious splash when it comes to Fall fashion, which inspired today’s geometric mani. Fall Manicure essie blanc black and white maniI used essie blanc [three coats to ensure opacity], Revlon Art Expressionist in Pastel Punk [side 2 – grey] and Chanel Black Satin [219].

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and transition into Fall. Good things are just around the corner, I can feel it!

xo Lauren


Manicure Monday: Neon Double Chevrons

Nail art is here to stay – it has continued to make a splash among fashion runways moving into the fall season. There is still hope for those of you who prefer a simple polished look, since matte single shades are also donning fingers all over, but what I want to talk about is a few of the upcoming digit trends for the fall – and I’m not even touching on colour.

1. The double accent nail. A standout ring finger has been prevalent for quite some time, becoming less avant-garde and more mainstream by the minute. If you still love the look of this trend, try adding a second accent nail. My personal preference are thumb and ring finger or index and middle. Keep the design/colour consistent on both accent nails to really nail this trend.

2. The half moon reinvented. Instead of crisp circle shaped lines, the emphasis for the new half moon mani is on blending different colours and smudging the edges. Think smokey eye-shadow but on your nail.  If that isn’t up your alley, the other prominent half moon trend is an exaggerated look, starting the design more then halfway up your nail, usually leaving the moon a neutral colour and choosing a deep pop of colour for the top. The exaggerated look combines the half moon manicure with the tried and true french tip.

3. Appliques. Adding tiny jewels, studs and bows to your manicure was huge this summer – and will continue to shine throughout the rest of 2013. If you’re really looking to fit in with the trendsetters, try an all over applique like a piece of lace, fishnet, or feather. This will combine the textured look with the applique trend and have you looking ever so chic!

4. The reverse french manicure. This trend debuted this spring, however, it is rare to see it worn off the runway. Back again for fall, the colours are more vibrant but the look is the same. You’ll need a steady hand to keep the outer lines looking crisp and clean. This one isn’t for a nail art newbie.

5. The double chevron. Last year the half moon manicure began to take on a pointer look. The chevrons began at the cuticle and came to a point near the middle of the nail. This year it’s time to invert the shape and start it at the top of your nail. This is one of my favourite new nail trends – which means I am wearing it today! double chevronMy index finger shows the double chevron trend. To achieve this look you’ll need a two different coloured polishes and a nail art brush. ellepottsieOnce your base coat is dry, begin by painting the filled in chevron at the tip of the nail. It is easier to start with this one as it will give you a guide to draw a thinner chevron underneath.  I used essie blanc as my base coat and Revlon Nail Art Neon in Hot Flash for the accent. The Revlon polish does not come with a nail art brush [like the Expressionist line does] so make sure you have a thin paint brush on hand if you want to create this look.

As always, if you’re wearing a fabulous manicure – send some pictures my way. I’m planning to do a reader manicure feature in the near future. Tag me in your mani pics on Instagram or Twitter.

xo Lauren

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Manicure Monday: Faux Textured and Lots of Bling

This manicure looks seriously impressive – yet it is actually one of the easiest I have done to date. As long as you have the right tools [which are probably already in your kitchen] then all you need is a bit of patience and you’ll be sporting salon perfect nails!seran wrap manicureTo achieve this look you’ll need:

a base coat
two coloured polishes
Saran Wrap
a top coat
a toothpick
nail bling

First paint your nails with a base coat – as you usually would. Next layer on two coats one coloured polish. It is extremely important to allow this to dry completely. I even let mine set overnight before proceeding to the next step. For the base colour I used OPI I Saw.. You Saw.. We Saw.. Warsaw. Once you are sure that your nails are dry, cut 10 squares of Saran Wrap and scrunch them up a bit. Set them to the side as you will need to use them in a minute.

Using the second colour, paint a generous layer on one nail. I used essie eternal optimist. Take one piece of Saran Wrap and dab it on that nail to remove some of the top colour, allowing the base colour to show through. You can dab as much or as little as you like. Repeat this for each nail – one at a time. If you allow the top colour to dry too much before using the Saran Wrap you won’t achieve the same look. After you have “Saran Wrapped” all of your nails, finish with a top coat.

If that is too complicated – check out this video by Chelsea’s Get Nailed for a more visual tutorial.

Now you could stop here and your nails would look fantastic – but I wanted to really jazz [who says that?] mine up. Here comes the bling! I bought mine jewels at Michaels, but you can easily find them [for a much better price] online. To add the rhinestones to your digits you will need a tooth pick and a bottle of top coat.How to bedazzle your nails Using the tooth pick, dot a small amount of top coat right where you want your jewel to be. I find bedazzling my nails is much easier when the polish underneath is dry – that way I don’t have to worry about smudging anything or leaving finger prints. Next you will place the jewel onto the wet dot of top coat – press it down gently but firm enough so it doesn’t move. Repeat this process for all of your nails [or wherever you want to add bling]. Allow the top coat dot to dry completely and then paint over the entire nail with top coat to seal the jewels onto your nails.manicure monday ellepottsie I have been wearing this manicure for a week now and I haven’t lost a single jewel – not bad right?!

Happy nail painting!

xo Lauren

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Manicure Monday: A Guest Post From The Calgary Stampede

Today is your lucky day! While I am busy exploring the east coast, one of my best gals is taking over to share a more western inspired manicure. If you’ve been following A Five Foot Three Perspective for a while, you have definitely met this beauty maven before, if not, you’re in for a treat. 

Take it away Sarah!


Lace crops, tied up flannel, leather fringe, and obviously, cutoff denim – these are of course the staple items spotted throughout the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Even if you didn’t make it to Calgary this summer, musical festival season is still underway, and if you pack light (bless, I don’t know how you do it), you certainly won’t want to bring your entire polish arsenal. How do you choose a mani colour with some staying power? Just as your little denim jacket pairs with just about any summer tees or sundresses, meet the ultimate luxury in manucures d’été:

The Chanel Denim Collection

This great set of three look beautiful as single solids, and also complements each other when mixed and matched into nail art designs. Use a simple dotting tool for a slight flair,or create more dramatic shapes with curved or diagonal lines.

Chanel Nail Polish

For me, it’s always the case that in the cold months of winter, I can’t wait to sport neons and brights, and in summer, I miss the sophistication of opaque and ultra dark polishes. These gorgeous denim inspired shades are a nice happy medium, and can take you through a full getaway’s worth of outfits.  All in good fun, to quote Dolly Parton, a personal favourite country queen:

“You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!”

Enjoy putting together your summer festival looks, and never neglect the nails! The Chanel Denim collection had a limited release, so check ebay if you are head over heels.



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Manicure Monday: Fancy Fingers

Let me confess something before I share today’s nail art with you. I did not come up with the idea for this manicure on my own. I bookmarked this cute manicure created by the beauty department quite a while ago but for some reason I never got around to executing it. Every time I would stumble upon it online I’d vow to recreate it… and then I’d forget. This weekend I finally got around to it, and I am happy I did, the result is absolutely adorable!Pretty little bow manicureMy advice to those of your that wish to try this – invest in a nail art pen, it makes drawing the black accent lines a piece of cake. I used a Sally Hansen one. This manicure is comprised of essie marshmallow and where’s my chauffeur. I think you could substitute the base colour for pretty much anything but I would stick to a crisp white for the bows. It isn’t a very complicated manicure so if you are new to nail art – give it a try.  You will probably surprise yourself!

Here are the steps I took to achieve this look:ellepottsie manicure Monday essie and sally hansenHappy Nail Painting!

xo Lauren