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High Five, It’s Friday

High Five For Friday1. Surprises in the mail from Marianna at Castellammare Jewelry. If you haven’t checked out her beautiful pieces – go, now. You won’t regret it!
2. My new pair of Paige Edgemont skinnies arrived in record time. You better believe I will be wearing this non stop!
3. After years of waiting, Ottawa finally is home to it’s first H&M. The store opened to the public yesterday but I was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch party on Tuesday. Although I didn’t make any purchases, I did receive a beautiful purse in my swag bag!
4. Wearing shorts in the fall while parking myself on a bench and spending the afternoon reading made my Sunday afternoon. The almond milk latte wasn’t bad either!
5. Sephora has finally restocked their nail polish displays with the new Formula X polish. These brightly coloured stands are neatly organized and have special testing stickers so that you can play with the hues before you buy! I love the new look and will definitely be adding a few polishes to my cart soon!

Thank to Lauren for hosting High Five For Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

xo Lauren



Eating Cobra, Ottawa’s Secret Supper Club

Ottawa has always had a reputation of being a boring government town. Sure it’s more tame than Toronto or Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean the city is devoid of unique offerings, you just have to look a little harder to find them.

Last night I had the opportunity to attend one of the city’s most exclusive [and elusive] dining experiences, Cobra. This event can be summed up in one word. cryptic. It all begins with the sign up process, which can be found [but not easily] at EatCobra.ca, once you enter your email prepare to wait. Guests are chosen at random from a draw. It can take years for your name to be chosen, but when you finally receive the news, do not turn the invite down.

After being chosen, you’ll be given directions to meet an individual holding an obscure item, who will then lead you to your dining destination. From my research most Cobra events are quite intimate with only 10 – 12 guests. Last night was completely different. After following our guide through alleys and back entrances, we slid [yes, literally took a slide] into the party of a lifetime.

Excitement and anticipation were at an all time high as we climbed to our final destination.

Excitement and anticipation were at an all time high as we climbed to our final destination.

Foodie Paradise.

Foodie Paradise.

Our secret destination was filled with about a hundred eager foodies, mingling and sampling sips and bites from Ottawa’s most talked about restaurants. Chefs from Atelier, El Camino, Black Cat Bistro, Zen Kitchen, Absinthe, and Union 613, just to name a few, lined the perimeter of the room preparing gourmet dishes for diners to try.

While we didn’t have the opportunity to eat cobra as the name implies, we did sample some unexpected items:town Wellington Gastro Pub Jim Bean Atelier Chez EdgarThis is by no means an inclusive representation of the items offered, but in the theme of the event, I am keeping some of the goodies to myself! I will say this, everything was delicious, which made it almost impossible to choose a favourite. Neil absolutely loved the “Lord’s Bounty” from Union 613, while I couldn’t get enough of the “Flu Season” from Atelier, which was made from cough and cold syrup, Halls and Flintstones vitamins. Sounds strange but it was surprisingly delicious.The Lord's BountyFlu SeasonThe evening ended with a live band and flowing wine. It was an experience of a lifetime and I can only cross my fingers that I am one day selected to attend another Cobra event!

If you’re interested in attending Ottawa’s Secret Supper Club, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Visit EatCobra.ca and figure out where to enter your email.
2. Stay informed by following @CobraOttawa on Twitter.
3. Wait patiently until you receive your mysterious e-mail!

PS: In case you’re wondering, I ate everything (with a little help from my lactose pills) and my body hated me for it, but sometimes feeding your soul is more important than worrying about food intolerance.

Have a wonderful day friends!

xo Lauren

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Here’s To The Weekend!

High Five For Friday1. Okay, okay – PUMPKIN EVERYTHING is delicious. Still doesn’t beat out apples, but it is pretty awesome! Over the weekend my girlfriend and I went on a raw baking spree – these are chocolate, pumpkin cheesecake bites, without the cheese though!
2. Enjoying my runs again now that the training pressure is off!
3. Ottawa always gets a bad reputation for being a boring city – stop and look around for a minute and I dare you to try to deny it’s beauty.
4. Cover your eyes – it’s yolk porn! But really, spinach, roasted potatoes and eggs are the best combination.
5. This weekend I will be running for a cure for breast cancer research in memory of my mom. The support and generosity I have witnessed over the past week is incredible. I truly appreciate every penny donated. If you’d like to contribute please visit my fundraising page, if you already have, thank you – I am so grateful.

If you want to link up your post of Friday reflections, head over to TheLaurenElizabeth.com. Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Lauren

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High Five For Friday: A Week In Review

Friday1. Spending some quality time with local bloggers at the Rideau Centre Project Preview Reception! Obviously a selfie with the queen of selfies (ML of Twenty York Street) was necessary.
2. Hockey is back! To start the (pre) season off right, Neil and I headed to a 67s game which got us in the spirit!
3. Decked out in head to toe Banana Republic, I had the opportunity to model fall coats on Daytime Ottawa. It was such a fun experience and my outfits were absolutely amazing.
4. Last night Neil and I celebrated four years of being together. After running around town on a scavenger hunt, he finally found me waiting at Murray Street for drinks and dinner. I highly recommend visiting this spot if you’re looking for a delicious meal.
5. Finishing my second half marathon with my dad by my side – I couldn’t have asked for a better running partner!

If you want to link up your post of Friday reflections, head over to TheLaurenElizabeth.com.

Have a great weekend!

xo Lauren


Hey Ottawa: Welcome To Your New Rideau Centre

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Rideau Centre Project Preview Reception along with hundreds of other bloggers, media personnel and store owners. The event gave a nod to the mall’s past, present, and most exciting upcoming future. Thirty years after opening it’s doors for the first time, Ottawa’s largest downtown mall is about to get a complete face lift!  Over the next 34 months, huge investments (think double the spend to develop the Ottawa Convention Centre) will be made to turn this already popular shopping center into Ottawa’s go to fashion destination.

Exciting announcements regarding the upcoming Rideau Centre redevelopment - with Ottawa's majestic Parliament Buildings as the backdrop.

Exciting announcements regarding the upcoming Rideau Centre redevelopment – with Ottawa’s majestic Parliament Buildings as the backdrop.

Blogger Babes

Blogger Babes

After being wined and dined, Ian Boulva, VP of development at Cadillac Fairview, announced a couple teasers for the crowd, naming a handful of new stores that will be taking up residence at the Rideau Centre: J. Crew, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Simons, and a flagship Harry Rosen, as well as a new food center which will occupy the first floor space where Sears used to be. On top of a plethora of new brands, Ottawa can expect a four level expansion project where the old Ogilvy building used to be, filled with thirty (or more) stores and a new destination retailer. The redevelopment project will create a revitalized Rideau Centre, with completely renovated interiors, and a more vibrant Rideau Street.

Exact details including, store names and budget will be updated today at the 9:30 AM press conference.


Running Remorse

As most of you know, this weekend I will be racing in my second half marathon (ever) of the year. I still remember the feeling of relief that came across me when I finally made it to the finish line of the Ottawa Race Weekend half – yes I said relief, not accomplishment. At that moment I had absolutely no intentions of signing up for the Army Run, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like i should sign up for a second half. I had already built up my endurance and maintaining it would be much easier (not true). After wavering on whether or not to race again, I finally decided to do it – having something to train for would force me to be accountable with my running throughout the summer.

I don’t want to sound like a negative Nancy, there are more than a handful of reasons why racing and training is great – which I’ve shared with you here, here, and here – but I am starting to realize that running for yourself and for pleasure is much more enjoyable. Running your first race (of a particular distance) is exciting, the main goal is to finish strong. I am noticing that a second race is different – I always have that nagging voice in my head telling me that I have to beat my last time. As competitive as I am, the pressure to PR is driving me insane – it has been detrimental to my training and my well being. I cannot think of a single run since the race where I have finished feeling satisfied. I am always disappointed with my time, my pace, my walk breaks, the list goes on – there is always something I could have done better.

Now that I have had some time to reflect on my training, I know I am being too hard on myself. I stuck to my schedule and ran each run to the best of my ability, despite negative thoughts. I really do love to run – and I love being a part of the running community, but after this Sunday I need to change my training up to remind myself why I started in the first place. No more forced 16km (or longer) Sunday runs. If I want to do a long run I will, if I am not feeling it – that is okay too. This isn’t an excuse to stop exercising, it is merely a reminder that I need to be a little more conscious of how my body feels. I still plan to run three days a week, two short and one long, but on a much less rigorous schedule – running is supposed to be fun, and I have every intention to return to a place where I look forward to doing it.

As for this race, of course I hope to PR, but I have to remember that completing a half marathon (no matter the time) is an accomplishment. My plan is to be positive – no more self doubt. I know I can run the distance as I have done it many times before.

I am done running with my head – this Sunday is all about running with my heart.

xo Lauren


What’s Great This Week?

Happy Friday the 13th! Bring on the black cats and broken mirrors… just kidding. What I am not kidding about is how awesome this past week has been. Here’s why: High Five For Friday

1. Healthy baking creations that are absolutely delicious! I’ll share this recipe next week.
2. Taking part in the Electro Dash with Sarah of My Mostly Healthy Life. She is such a doll – and funny. I can’t wait until we get to hang out again!
3. Date nights with Neezie in Toronto. Nothing beats a night out with someone you love – and good cocktails.
4. Tacos on lettuce wraps – best dinner ever. Seriously, the best.
5. Dating a genius. As much as I complain about participating in his studies – it is really interesting, and even a little fun – but don’t tell him I said that ;).

Thanks as always to Lauren for hosting this bloggy link up!
Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

xo Lauren