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Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Product Review

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a product review. When life gets crazy, the first thing to fall by the wayside is new product purchases. But sometimes a beauty item pops up that I just can’t resist testing out – Too Faced: Better Than False Lashes was one of those must trys for me.

It is no surprise to anyone that I love mascara. When asked what my best physical feature is my response will always be my eyelashes. If I am given the chance to enhance them, you better believe I’ll say yes. So off I went to Sephora to get my hands on this nylon lash system. Too Faced Bettter Than False LashesThis product is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it is a three step procedure that includes priming the lashes, adding the nylon fibers and then sealing them in. Fiberwig mascara is the most similar product I can think of since it adds “fibers” to the end of your lashes. In my opinion, the results are not even comparable – you can see my product review for those paint of false lashes¬†here. Better Than False Lashes comes with two wands of mascara. The first is your seemingly typical black mascara, which applies nicely and doesn’t clump. You need to use this both to prime and to seal.

Left side has one coat of "step 1" mascara.

Left side has one coat of “step 1” mascara.

The second is this white, fluffy, cotton like substance. In all honesty I was a little reluctant to put this near my eyes – but I went ahead with it anyways, I mean what’s there to lose [other than my vision..]. All you need to do is apply it generously to your primed lashes – you will start to see the pieces of white fluff sticking to the ends.

Capturing the white fluff on camera is a challenge. If you look closely you can see a few pieces.

Capturing the white fluff on camera is a challenge. If you look closely you can see a few pieces.

The final step is to seal in the nylon fluff fibers using the black mascara [which is used to prime in step 1]. Although the directions don’t tell you how long you should wait for the nylon fluff to bond and stick, I usually wait about 30 seconds before applying the final sealing coat of mascara. I think that some of the fluff is picked up by the mascara wand when applying the top coat, but the majority of it does seem to stick to your lashes. You want to be generous with the product in this step but remember to take your time. If you rush you will end up with clumpy spider lashes.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes (left) vs. natural (right)

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes (left) vs. natural (right)

One word of advice – do not use this system on your lower lashes – you will end up with a huge mess all over your face [yes, I tried]. Otherwise, this mascara is pretty fantastic. You will need to spend some extra time carefully applying each layer, but in the end the effort is worth the results – in my opinion. This system lasts all day for me [and depending how I sleep, I can sometimes get away with wearing it two days in row – BAD LAUREN]. I don’t notice any flaking during the day and the nylon fiber doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.

A rushed application job, but great results none the less.

A rushed application job, but great results none the less.

When it comes time to wash your face at night, any kind of eye make-up removal will do the trick to take this mascara off – a few swipes and your lashes will be bare.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants extra length and doesn’t have the time to apply false lashes. If extra volume is what you crave, you will see a bit of enhancement with Too Faced Better Than False Lashes, but you’re probably better of using a regular mascara and lots of coats.

Hope this review helps!

xo Lauren

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Hope In A Jar Product

As promised, today I am reviewing philosophy’s Hope In A Jar.

My container of Hope In A Jar - 60ml size

I bought this facial moisturizer after reading numerous rave reviews in magazines. Unfortunately, I do not share the same enthusiasm for this product. I must admit, I had very high hopes but I was immediately turned off by the design of the container. To me, facial moisturizers should not come in a pot, they should be pumped out. I dislike putting my fingers in the jar because I feel like bacteria will start to get into my product – and then on to my face. If philosophy changed the container to something that was dispensed, I would likely have a much more favourable review.

My advice to you; use this product sparingly – if you buy it – the whipped, milky lotion does not absorb well into my skin. I have very dry skin and I find if I put too much on my face looks greasy, but when I only use a little bit I am left with dry patches. The scent is anything but pleasant – I can’t even describe it. Luckily the foul odor seems to vanish once it is absorbed.

Texture of the product.

I wish I could agree with the masses and tell you that I loved this product and will never buy anything else – but truthfully, I probably won’t buy it ever again. I have had this container longer than I am willing to publicly admit and I am only just passing the half way mark. I try to use it consistently to see if prolonged use will have positive effects on my skin but I have not noticed any difference yet [except for a few extra breakouts – probably from my fingers and germs being put into the jar].

With that being said I do not recommend this product if you have dry skin, it is much too greasy and does not absorb enough to smooth my patches of dryness. Feel free to check out the reviews on the Sephora site to see what others have to say. I am just telling you my opinion – which is to find a better product for the price. I have yet to find a go to moisturizer; I was really hoping that Hope In A Jar would be it… and so the search continues.

I’ve got a fun nail tutorial for tomorrow. Here is a preview of stage one – feel free to follow along and paint your nails an opaque colour tonight so they are good and dry to finish tomorrow. You’ll need tape and another colour that will complement whichever base colour you choose. I used American Apparel’s L’Esprit for my base.

Stage One - American Apparel L'Esprit