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Fabulous Finds Friday – The Gym Shirt You Never Have To Wash

Sometimes splurging on workout attire makes me feel guilty – then I remember that the better I feel when I am working out, the more I’ll do it! And, the more I workout, the better I feel – vicious cycle – in a good way. Last week I popped into Lululemon after work with the intention of picking up a shirt that is light enough to wear running in this crazy humid weather we have been experiencing. One of the employees talked me into a plain, racerback tank, called the run:swiftly tech racerback. This is probably the last item I would have ever considered – it doesn’t even have a built in bra, which is usually a deal breaker for me. After learning a little bit more about the tank I decided to give it a try. I was told that it had “anti-stink” fabric [Silverescent I believe they call it at Lulu] and I could literally go for days without washing it.LululemonI chose a pastel purple hue – called cool breeze, and off I went to put the “anti-stink” fabric to the test.

Here is where things get personal, I’m a little gross – please don’t judge. I’ve worn this tank top five times. Yes you read that correctly, five workouts in the sweltering heat. Each time the tank top was drenched in sweat when I finished exercising and I was sure it would smell awful when it finally dried. To my surprise, it still smells brand new – I kid you not. This Silverescent fabric is unbelievable. I truly did not believe the employee when she told me she wore it for days without washing it – she probably just didn’t sweat much as I do and could get away with it. I was wrong. You could soak this tank in the biggest pool of sweat [I don’t know where you would find this – gross] and it wouldn’t absorb a scent at all.

To say I am impressed is a major understatement – I want one of these tanks in every colour and style [it is also available in short and long sleeve]. Not only is it scent-free, well made, and comfortable, the tank has tiny holes in it which help to keep you cool on even the hottest days.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but the run: swiftly racerback tank is life changing. Trust me on this one.

xo Lauren

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Fabulous Finds Friday: The Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign

If you follow other fitness bloggers, you’ve likely already heard about the new[ish] Under Amour What’s Beautiful campaign. Designed to redefine the  female athlete, the brand has created a website filled with physical and mental challenges for women to conquer. Upon signing up, you will set a goal (or goals) for yourself towards, and then you proceed to work towards absolutely crushing it. The women taking part in this endeavor and seriously strong and driven. They exude confidence and help empower each other. It is an amazing community to be part of and no goal is too small to set. Since I joined the challenge I have been trying to new things and pushing myself harder than ever before. Under Amour has created a healthy and friendly competition for ladies who want to take their fitness to the next level. The What’s Beautiful campaign is a continuous challenge, it is about sharing the journey and push beyond our comfort zones.

Here are a few of the challenges I have completed:

Written Validation Sweat It Out Community Throwdown Mile MarkerTo join the challenge head over the the Under Amour What’s Beautiful website, register, define your goal(s) – which you can update at any time, and start completing challenges! Once you complete your registration you can begin to follow athletes (friends – my profile can be found here) and join teams of ladies who are working towards a similar goal. If you stand out as one of the top performers, you might just find yourself on a plane to Costa Rica courtesy of Under Amour to attend a 4-day yoga and surf retreat – but for me, this is about pushing myself to be the best I can be!

What are you waiting for, now is your time to shine. In the words of Olivia Newton-John, “let’s get physical”!

xo Lauren

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Thrifty Thursday [my new favourite gym shirt]

Don’t get me wrong, I love lululemon. But sometimes [more often than not], I feel guilty spending so much money on something I will destroy with sweat every time I wear it. Yes – I am that girl at the gym and you’re welcome for the visual I just gave you [ha!]. But seriously, when did working out become a fashion show? You can’t throw on an old tee and a pair of shorts and call it a day – unless you like getting the stare down. So here is my predicament – how do I stay stylish without spending half my weekly pay? The answer – an old oversized t-shirt. But wait, didn’t I just tell you that they were a gym faux pas? Not if you can create something awesome with them – so here it is, my new favourite gym shirt!

Hi – I’m awkward!

This is actually so easy to make, it took me no more than 10 minutes. If I can do it, so can you – plus, you’ll give an old t-shirt a new life [wow that was really cheesy].

What you will need:

An old t shirt – I used a men’s small, but it was a large men’s small.

A pair of scissors.

What you have to do:

Step One: Cut off the arms, collar and bottom of the shirt. Make sure you save the collar piece you cut off of the shirt, you will need it later. I tried to explain this using paint – cut along the dotted lines I drew. I suck at paint – don’t judge, I just don’t have steady hands.

Cut through both the front and back sides of the shirt in the first step.

Step Two: Cut a V shape into the neck of the back panel of the t-shirt. Make sure you only cut through one layer this time. This is where you can decide how thin or thick you want the shoulder straps to be. Follow the dotted lines on the picture below. The solid lines are meant to show where you have already cut.

Step Three: Take the piece of material that you cut off from the collar of the shirt and make a cut to create one long piece of fabric instead of a circle. Tie this piece to itself around the top of the V that you cut in the back of the shirt. Now you can wrap the collar piece around the fabric below the V to create a racer back style. Once you have used up all of the collar material – or you have a long enough racer back, tie the collar piece to itself to secure it. If you wrap it too far down the back of the shirt the bottom will bunch up. This is really the only tricky part. Cut off any excess from the collar piece [if you don’t use it all]. You should end up with something that looks like this:

First I tied the fabric at the top then I worked my way down to the bottom.

Finished view from the back.

Step 4: Try it on and enjoy!

Success – now go workout!

There you have it, a free workout shirt – that I can pair with my lululemon bottoms… I can’t help it, they are amazing!