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Ask A Beauty Blogger

Ask A Beauty BloggerIf you’ve ever wanted to try a new product but wanted to know more before purchasing, needed helping finding the right product, or just wanted beauty advice, this is the feature for you. Below is a form to fill out (which is probably a lot less intimidating than sending me an e-mail) where you can ask me any beauty related questions. I will try my best to answer them on my own, but if I feel like there is another blogger out there that can give you a better answer I’ll gladly reach out to them for you and share the responses.

Many of my (real life) friends ask me for beauty advice or consult with me before trying new products – this way I can share my recommendations with everyone!

I’ll try my best to answer all of the questions I get – so ask away!!!

xo Lauren

Past “Ask A Beauty Blogger” answers:

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