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ellepottsieSince you stumbled upon my blog, you are probably wondering who I am.

Hi, I’m Lauren, nice to meet you! I am a twenty-something marketer by degree, but who really cares about that. Let us get to the fun stuff. I am addicted to foursquare – for those of you who knew me last year, I will gladly eat my words about how silly I thought it was. You don’t understand it until you try it. If you add me on foursquare, you’ll likely see me checking into a lot of boutiques, gyms, and restaurants. I guess this makes me a fit, fashion-loving foodie. Did I mention I hate cooking? Luckily I have the greatest boyfriend in the world who loves to prepare food. I am the baker in the house, it works out nicely!

In my spare time I like to window shop. I have recently discovered a new form of window shopping, Pinterest. If you aren’t on it, you’re missing out. But be prepared to spend hours and hours of time browsing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Some may call me a shopaholic, but I really don’t buy much. I just love looking – okay, and buying a few things! Lately I have become a lot more crafty, probably because of Pinterest to be honest, and I am trying a lot more DIY projects. I’ll try to share those endeavors with you, but promise me you won’t laugh too hard if I fail miserably!

This blog reflects my life, my interests, and my experiences. I hope you enjoy!

xo Lauren

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